Join us for Spirit Night on Wednesday, September 22nd at California Tortilla from 11am-9:30pm


Our First PTA meeting of the year will be Tuesday, October 5th at 7pm.


Outdoor Table Fundraiser


In less than one week we achieved our goal and will immediately be donating the proceeds to the school to purchase the additional outdoor seating. Thanks to all in our amazing community for contributing to the health and welfare of our students.


Join the PTA

I encourage all of you to join the PTA and stay connected throughout the year. As a member you will be added to our mailing list for the monthly newsletter and won’t miss out on any fun events or activities we have planned. You can join now by going to  For those of you new to Greenwood joining the PTA is a two step process. You first have to pay to join the PTA and then create a memberhub account. When you join the PTA your receipt will include a link on the bottom of the email to login to create your Memberhub account. All members of the PTA are asked to update their contact information in our Memberhub directory annually. The directory is available to members only and it is an amazing resource.


Save the date

Our first PTA meeting of the 2021/2022 school year will be Tuesday, October 5th at 7pm. At this time we are planning to hold it in person in the APR. We will also be streaming it live for those of you that would like to participate virtually. PTA meetings are held at Greenwood on the first Tuesday of every month (except for February of 2022). You do not need to be a member to attend meetings, we welcome any and all participation.


Calling all volunteers!

We need your help! We are hoping to host a community event or activity each month. We need volunteers to coordinate, plan, and/or help each of these activities as well as all the other jobs needed to keep the PTA up and running. Want to help? Please fill out the volunteer interest form:


Volunteering in School

In order to volunteer in school you must complete the Child Abuse and Neglect training through MCPS. It's a little difficult to find (if someone has an easier way please let me know). These are the steps that worked for me:

  • Log into ParentVue
  • Go to Parent resources
  • MyMCPS classroom
  • Resources
  • Volunteer Training

The training takes about 30 minutes. It saves your progress if you can't do it all at one time.


Grocery Rewards Program

Please take a few minutes and link your grocery cards to Greenwood. A portion of the proceeds from your grocery order will raise money for our school.

Harris Teeter

To link accounts online:

  • Log in to your Harris Teeter profile at the top of
  • Click on My Account once logged in
  • In the Together in Education section, type Greenwood Elementary or "1268" (our school code) in the School Search toolbar
  • Once the school name generates, click on the school name and then Add a School

To link accounts in the app:

  • Go to "My Account" and click "Together in Education"
  • Type in the school name in the search bar

To link in-store:

  • Ask your cashier to link your VIC card to 1268 (our school's TIE code)


To link accounts online:

  • Go to
  • Click "Savings"
  • "Rewards and Programs"
  • Choose "A+"
  • Follow the instructions to register your card
  • Our school ID is 00692



Scouting at Greenwood

We have a very active scouting community at Greenwood.

Girl Scout troops are now forming! Become a Girl Scout family!! Sign up to attend a virtual meeting on September 28th at 7pm or get more information by emailing

Cub Scout Pack 434 is having a Scout Joining Night this Thursday, September 16th at 7pm. For the flyer please visit our meeting minutes page.


After School Programs

Creative Adventures and Creative Enrichment will be back this fall offering after school programs! Flyers will be coming home soon via backpack express or can be found on our meeting minutes page. Days and times are noted on the flyer.

Creative Adventure is an art course with painting, drawing collage and more!

Creative Enrichment will be offering: chess, Yoga, Story Explorers, Drama, and Discovering Famous Artists



Spirit Wear

Get your Gator Gear here!!! There will be free shipping dates from 8/20-9/6. Visit to order.


2020/2021 Yearbook Update

Distribution of 2020/2021 yearbooks will take place this fall. When we have a delivery date we will contact families that ordered yearbooks with a distribution plan. Any questions please reach out to our yearbook coordinator at Thank you for your patience!


MCPS Long-Range Plan Addresses Student Math Performance: 

Nationally, the COVID-19 pandemic has had the greatest impact on mathematics performance than any other content area. Intentional adjustments were made to the content and pacing of curriculum to adapt to the virtual schedule and to address unlearned content from the beginning of the pandemic. MCPS has developed a long-range plan to address this. More information is available below.

Mathematics - 2.5 Year Mitigation of Learning Disruptions - Recovery Plan Overview

Mathematics - 2.5 Year Mitigation of Learning Disruptions - Recovery Plan

Over the course of the past school year, parts of the Eureka Math Curriculum were eliminated to meet the needs of the unique school schedule the county adopted this past school year. The link below provides information related to the portions of the Eureka Math Curriculum that was eliminated this past school year:


Elementary Math 2020-2021 Compressed and Omitted Content

During this past year MCPS has had to remove and/or compact curriculum content in various courses including math. Due in part to the virtual environment and in part due to the reduced schedule, ie no new content on Wednesdays. MCPS now needs to re-incorporate content that was removed and re-solidify contact that was compacted in many courses. The suggested recovery time for this information is 2.5 years.

MCPS has provided an overview of content by grade level/course that was compressed or omitted for the 2020-2021 school year. Compression means that instruction was minimized to allow for exposure, but not instructed with the depth of understanding the standard demands. 

Elementary Math 2020-2021: Compressed & Omitted Content (


MCPS Ventilation Report

Staff from the Division of Maintenance and Operations is currently in the process of upgrading the air filters in the mechanical systems of all MCPS schools. This ongoing project also includes installing air cleaners in the facilities that have HVAC systems that require supplemental measures for air ventilation.

According to the chart provided Greenwood is⧫⧫⧫ = Schools with recently replaced systems that have enhanced ventilation (limited spaces require air cleaners)

These schools have varying HVAC systems but generally have systems that can achieve ventilation and filter modifications to meet indoor air quality recommendations. Most of these systems have DOAS equipment and/or classroom units that achieve higher levels of ventilation air, and at rates that meet current recommendations. The schools in this category without DOAS equipment have classroom units that can modulate higher levels of ventilation airflow directly within the classroom HVAC unit and then ultimately mixed and distributed with filtered classroom air. Much of this work will not be visible, but we have have limited spaces with individual air cleaners.



We would love to have you as PTA members; please visit our e-store to join the PTA.

Wishing the Greenwood community a successful and healthy school year!