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Our next virtual PTA meeting will be Tuesday, May 4th at 7pm. All are welcome to attend, zoom details will be emailed prior to the event.

Official business items include voting on board members and approval of March and April meeting minutes. Please see the following note from the nomination committee:

We are pleased to announce the following candidates for the open positions:
2021-23 PTA Treasurer:
Einat Posner
2021-22 MCCPTA Representatives (may elect 2):
Mandy de Roo
Lauren Zarren
All are welcome to attend, though only PTA members in good standing may vote.  Questions, comments, or concerns may be emailed to


Teacher Appreciation

Fabulous Greenwood Community!

Teacher Appreciation week is next week, May 3rd-7th. We are gearing up for a week of notes, sweet treats and lunch to show our appreciation for all our fabulous staff members. The PTA has small treats planned for every day, but we need YOUR help for THANKFUL THURSDAY!

We would like to flood our staff with notes of appreciation from the community. On Thursday, May 6th, please bring in a note (or picture/drawing/painting etc) of appreciation for your classroom teacher. But we don’t want to stop there! There are many staff members that work hard for our school community that are not classroom teachers. To help us get one note to every staff member, we have assigned a non-homeroom staff member or teacher to each class. Please ask your student to write a thank you note to the staff member listed next to their homeroom class.


Caretti: Ms Carroll (School Secretary)

Boray: Ms. Wepasnick (Music)

George: Ms. Brooks (Food Service Manager)

Voorhees: Ms. Zamillo (Academic Intervention)

1st Grade

Persaud: Mr. Jones (PE)

Mankulish: Ms. Newman (Art)

Ramienski: Ms. Speiden (Media Assistant)

Matz: Mr. Chuldzinski (Media)

2nd Grade

Falzarano: Ms. Thomas (Paraeducator)

Cravath: Building Services Team

Myers: Ms. Kosiorowski (Paraeducator)

Wooten: Ms. Lee (Counselor)

3rd Grade

Mencia: Ms. Silva (Paraeducator)

Kahn: Ms. Myers (Reading Specialist)

Van Eyk: Ms. Graham (Staff Development)

Cox: Ms. Grasso (Special Educator)

4th Grade

Hodge: Ms. Howe (Paraeducator)

Delaney: Ms. Boss (Paraeducator)

George: Ms. Kachadorian (Special Educator)

Krantz: Ms. Sinon (Assistant Principal)

5th Grade

Peters: Ms. Byrum (Health Tech)

Andriani: Ms. Gascon (School Admin Secretary)

Hughes-Loyd: Ms. Zimmerman (Principal)

We also have a few more that aren’t mentioned on the list. If your child works with one of the following teachers, please consider writing a note or drawing a picture to send in for them:

Ms. Brooks (Instrumental Music)
Ms. Cole (Speech Pathologist)
Ms. Aggarwal (ESOL)
Ms. Rakis (teacher)
Ms. Chang (teacher)

Lastly, all students who are VIRTUAL NEXT WEEK, please drop off your notes of appreciation on WEDNESDAY in the bin outside the front door.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Melissa.




Elementary Math 2020-2021 Compressed and Omitted Content

During this past year MCPS has had to remove and/or compact curriculum content in various courses including math. Due in part to the virtual environment and in part due to the reduced schedule, ie no new content on Wednesdays. MCPS now needs to re-incorporate content that was removed and re-solidify contact that was compacted in many courses. The suggested recovery time for this information is 2.5 years.

MCPS has provided an overview of content by grade level/course that was compressed or omitted for the 2020-2021 school year. Compression means that instruction was minimized to allow for exposure, but not instructed with the depth of understanding the standard demands. 

Elementary Math 2020-2021: Compressed & Omitted Content (


Compensatory Education for Missed IEP Services During Covid Webinar - 4/28

Has your child with disabilities regressed or did not receive all the services on their IEP this year in virtual learning? 

Please join the MCCPTA Special Education Committee as we host an important and timely webinar with education attorney, Nicole Joseph who will discuss options on how to get what your child needs to recover from learning loss during the pandemic. 



Topic: Compensatory Education for Missed IEP Services During COVID - Webinar with Education Attorney, Nicole Joseph

Time: Wednesday, April 28, 2021 7:30-8:30 PM Eastern 


Spirit Wear for Future Rosa Parks MS students

Rosa Parks Middle School PTA really wants to welcome your 5th graders to RPMS and have them start feeling like a part of our community!  In an effort to help get them (hopefully) excited about going to a new school, we would like to share our spirit wear link with you.  Shipping is free and we are excited for a more traditional school year next year.
Here is the link to the electronic version of the flyer.

MCPS Ventilation Report

Staff from the Division of Maintenance and Operations is currently in the process of upgrading the air filters in the mechanical systems of all MCPS schools. This ongoing project also includes installing air cleaners in the facilities that have HVAC systems that require supplemental measures for air ventilation.

According to the chart provided Greenwood is⧫⧫⧫ = Schools with recently replaced systems that have enhanced ventilation (limited spaces require air cleaners)

These schools have varying HVAC systems but generally have systems that can achieve ventilation and filter modifications to meet indoor air quality recommendations. Most of these systems have DOAS equipment and/or classroom units that achieve higher levels of ventilation air, and at rates that meet current recommendations. The schools in this category without DOAS equipment have classroom units that can modulate higher levels of ventilation airflow directly within the classroom HVAC unit and then ultimately mixed and distributed with filtered classroom air. Much of this work will not be visible, but we have have limited spaces with individual air cleaners.




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Equity Hubs

Addressing the childcare need in our county, while schools remain in a virtual environment is a huge need in our county.  Equity Hubs is specifically for students (of financially impacted families) who may not have internet access and/or adequate adult supervision to ensure successful distance learning. As these Hubs launch, there is a specific area of need, right up the PTA/community alley!  These students in the hubs need higher quality headphones (similar to link) than those the young scholars bring with them or are currently available through the schools.

If you or members of your PTAs are interested, your tax deductible donation can be made through this link!  Just indicate “headphone fund” as the purpose in the comments!  If there are organizations interested in adopting an entire hub or cohort of students, and for paperwork purposes it is easier to buy the headphones directly and deliver, we can make that happen!

Several hubs already open as well as some that are “coming soon.”  Also, a registration link is available you are welcome to pass along for families that could benefit from being part of one of these cohorts!

Please see the Minutes page for a flyer of this program.