There are many FUN and exciting after school programs offered this Fall. To sign up, fill out the registration form for the program you are interested in and have your child give it to their teacher in a marked envelope with your payment. Extra registration forms are available in the main hall, in mailboxes located just outside the nurses office.

Flag Football

Get Your Game On! Players learn how to pass, catch, run routes and play defense through flag pulling techniques. Develop a love for the sport as each class includes confidence-building drills and games incorporating skills learned. Activities include footwork agility, relays, capture the football and many more!

Flag Football - Greenwood Fall 2018


In Chess Club, students learn rules, develop strategies, and practice with peers. Students will be taught by experienced Silver Knights Instructors.

Greenwood Fall 2018 CHESS CLUB

My First Hot Cocoa Stand

Come learn how to make yummy hot cocoa and how to earn money selling it! A hot cocoa stand is a great way to introduce our youngest entrepreneurs to the world of business and it's fun! This class empowers kids with an entrepreneurial mindset for their "business", drawing from such disciplines as marketing, finance and strategy, in a supporting environment fostering teamwork.


Performing Arts Club/Improv K-5

A fun, collaborative, performance based arts offering for elementary school children to learn and explore the art of theatre. This is a fun way to learn and explore the world of theatre and dramatic arts by working together to create a fun performance based sharing using created props, costume, and set pieces. Play fun theatre games and exercises and warms ups that build towards the creation and performance of an invited guest show!

Greenwood ES ImprovPerforming Arts Club Fall 2018

Zany Brainy Science- STEM Grades K-2

Activating natural curiosity, Zany Brainy Science encourages students to explore the physical world in which they live and make their own scientific discoveries. This investigative approach to learning makes Zany Brainy Science exciting and fun!

Greenwood ES Fall 2018 Zany Brainy Science Reg. Form

Silver Knights Coding

In Silver Knights Coding, brought to you by Creative Enrichment, children create stories, games, and animations using a visual programming language called Scratch. It's as easy to use as snapping together building blocks! If they're new to programming, we will teach students the basics. If they're experienced, we'll teach them more advanced concepts.

Greenwood ES Silver Knights Coding - Fall 2018

Shining Kids Yoga

In Shining Kids Yoga, kids develop strength, balance, and flexibility by learning basic yoga poses and breathing techniques. As they move through twists, turns, balances, and stretches, they build strength, body awareness, and self confidence. Each class ends in savasana pose, which helps children relax and become more mindful.

Greenwood ES Shining Kids Yoga K - 5 Fall 2018

Creative Adventures, Workshop I

Calling all young artists! Let's express out creativity! Painting, drawing, Collage and Much More!

Creative Adventures - Greenwood ES Fall 2018 Flyer

Robotics: Lego WeDo 2.0 Grade 1-5

Build Robots.....Write Code....Engineer....Students collaborate and use digital technology to design and build their own robot. Robots are operated by a tablet or smartphone and include a SmartHub, motor, and sensors. Students learn to use gears and pulleys to program robots that move, crank, spin, and communicate!

Greenwood ES Reg. Form Fall 2018 Robotics