This is where we hope to answer the most common questions you might have. Have a question? Send us a message!

What is the school drop off procedure?

NEW THIS YEAR:All students will enter the building through the main doors from 8:40-8:50am and head straight to their classrooms. The parking lot directly in front of the school will remain blocked off to the public until 9:00am. All students that arrive after 9:00am need to be escorted by a parent into the building and signed in at the front office.

How do students exit the building at the end of the day?

NEW THIS YEAR: All car riders will exit the building from the blacktop school exit. All walkers will exit the building via the main entrance (kindergartners are generally given a head start to leave the building).

What time does school let out when it is a half day?

Half day dismissal is at 12:45pm.

What is the 2019/2020 lunch schedule?

Kindergarten 11:00-11:35
1st 11:35-12:10
2nd 11:35-12:10
3rd 12:10-12:35
4th 12:45-1:20
5th 12:50-1:25

***New this year: Children are assigned a table bench to sit for lunch. Each bench can hold 4 kids. Positions may change throughout the year. This is to help make everyone feel included and to help the children build a community of friends.***

How does my child buy a school lunch?

All students are assigned a personal PIN for their "My School Bucks" account to use when checking out in the cafeteria. Be forewarned, you do not need money in this account for your child to purchase lunch. Plus side, even if your child forgets to bring lunch they can buy one. Minus side, you get a lovely bill showing you that your child has been purchasing a second lunch for months.

What is the format for Open House?

Open House occurs annually on Columbus Day. Parents are invited to come and observe their child in class.

This year there is a new format for Open House on October 14th. All parents are welcome to come visit and observe their child's class during the time shared below.  The staggered schedule is to provide a safe and secure entry of parents for our students and staff. When you come to school you must come through the main office and be checked in by staff, have your license ready. Due to Fire Marshall Code and cafeteria capacity, no parents are permitted to have lunch with students on Open House Day. When students go to lunch or recess, parents are to return to the main office to sign out. No younger siblings are allowed to attend Open House.

Kindergarten, First and Third grades--9:15 - 11:00am
Second and Fourth grades--10:15 - 12:00pm
Fifth grade--11:00 - 12:45pm

2019/2020 Party Guidelines

Parents/visitors/younger siblings will no longer be permitted into the building for the student Halloween and Valentines Day parties. Only pre-planned party chaperones will be allowed into Greenwood to decorate and host the party for the children.

Halloween Parade and Fall Party Information

  • The parade will be on October 31st at 2:50pm, weather permitting.
  • All Parents and visitors are welcome to enjoy the parade around the grounds of Greenwood.
  • NO parents/visitors/younger siblings will be permitted in the building during the parade or the party afterwards.
  • Pre-approved party chaperones will be allowed into Greenwood. First to decorate for the party during the classes lunch or recess, with the teachers permission. They will then exit the building for the time between decorating and the party.
  • Children will be given time prior to the parade to change into their costumes. No staff are permitted to assist students in changing in or out of costumes. Students should be able to get in and out of their costume themselves.
  • Look-alike weapons as part of the costume should not be brought to school.
  • Scary masks or other scary accessories should not be used.
  • All children can choose to participate in a Fall-themed party taking place in the gym instead of their classroom Halloween party should they prefer.