No one imagined that classrooms would be virtual, this page is to help navigate all the various technology that we will be using while learning from home.

MCPS is hosting parent webinar series for parents prior to the start of school. They cover ParentVue, MyMCPS, and Zoom troubleshooting. The list of webinars is here:

For more information about the various portals and systems a fellow parent within MCPS (H. Braswell) compiled this helpful list of all the various platforms and tech terms.:

*Google Apps for Education (aka G Suite for Education) - Students that are registered in MCPS, are generated an account within Google Apps For Education, with their student login.  You can access these google apps in Clever or when your student logs into Google.  Google Apps for Education includes cloud based products like Google Docs, Google Slides etc..

*Clever  - Clever is a landing page used to access many educational tools in one location.  Tools include Google Apps for Education, the student MyMCPS/Canvas, Synergy portal access and much more.  The same student login provided by MCPS, will be used in Clever.  Resources are customized per grade.

*MyMCPS Classroom - MyMCPS, is powered by Canvas, therefore these two names are used interchangeably.  MyMCPS/Canvas, is a learning platform so all classes will be instructed through the MyMCPS classroom.  Google Classroom (old information is still visible) is no longer in use this year. MyMCPS Classroom is our district Learning Management System (LMS) that syncs with the Synergy grade book to inform it what subject tiles to create for teachers and students to use. These subject tiles, referred to as myMCPS Classroom courses, are what house the instructional content and instructions teachers provide to students and parents for learning; links to zoom meetings, websites, files, assignments documents, videos, etc... Once logged into MyMCPS/Canvas, you will see the MCPS dashboard (same as last spring). I have been able to access MyMCPS/Canvas through the Synergy portal, Clever and on my mobile device through the Canvas app. The actual daily classroom/classwork will be found here.

*Zoom (Video communication) – I believe everyone is familiar with this.  One important note is sessions will be recorded and available to classroom students for about 72 hours. If you choose to opt a student out of audio and or video recordings (done through the ParentVUE), you must shut off those features when logging into Zoom and the student will not be able to participate in the class verbally or visually but can observe.

*Kami - Used to make PDF’s interactive.  Students can annotate, type, record their voice and submit assignments. Teachers may provide a link to an assignment and when clicking on the link, a PDF may open in the Kami app and the students can do their classwork

*Synergy Portals (Student Information System aka SIS) - This school year, MCPS is using a new platform run by Synergy to access student information.  Synergy has different access entry points (aka portals) for parents, students, teachers, and administrators.  The entry points are referred to as ParentVUE, StudentVUE, TeacherVUE, and an AdminVUE portals. The Oasis portal and gradebook will no longer be utilized this year.  This Synergy portal allows access to student and classroom information. The same student login and password will be used to access everything needed for the fall virtual learning environment.  Student login information will remain unchanged and parents have been sent login access of their own, which must be activated.  During the first parent login, you will be asked to update online student registration, which is a replacement of the yellow emergency cards (now referred to as Annual Verification of Student Information).  Each parent, whom has custody, education rights and where contact is allowed, was sent an individual activation letter through email or mail so you should have received this information by now. As the grade book and the tools used to schedule students for their classes all takes place in one location as a system (Synergy) now, the integration and sync of information is seamless and instant; in real-time.

Click here to login to either ParentVUE or StudentVUE (also found on the MCPS website):

Once in the Synergy portal (parent or student), you will see a menu for things like Synergy Mail, Calendar, Attendance, Class Schedule, Course History, Grade Book, School Information and Parent Resources.  When logging into the ParentVUE portal, you are considered an observer therefore you will not have the same access availability as your student.  You can access MyMCPS/Canvas in the Synergy portal, by clicking on the Parent Resources tab and then on MyMCPS Classroom.

There have been noticeable glitches in the system for a percentage of parents. Here is a form to submit if your ParentVue account doesn't include all your kids.

Alternatively you can contact Sandra Carrol in the Greenwood front office by emailing .


*Additional Information:

-Grades:  To view classroom grades for completed work, you must be in the MyMCPS classroom.  Report card grades can be found under the Grades tab on the main Synergy portal page.

-Calendars:  The ParentVUE and StudentVUE calendars differ.  The ParentVUE calendar will show information as teachers enter completed work into the gradebook and it is for reporting purposes.  The StudentVUE calendar will show assignments due, Zoom links, and allow students to access assignments.

-Apps:  Mobile apps are available for ParentVUE and StudentVUE.  I also have found them for Canvas (for now).

-StudentVUE Login Info - One student login and password is used to login to all resources.

*Webinar Videos

-Part 1:  Introduction to ParentVUE Webinar: 

-Part 2:  ParentVUE Online Registration: 

-Unpacking your Digital Backpack (about additional educational tools and resources):